Sunday, 22 January 2012

Advocating LGBT

The dictionary definition of "Advocate" is a verb, used with an object; writing or speaking in favor of that object. So, in correlation with that, for the task this week, I chose America's leading source for LGBT news and entertainment; the website for the magazine "Advocate"

I chose this website because not only does it hold no bars in being obviously proud, and devoted to bringing news of politics and world events relating to the LGBT community, but it also includes lighter subjects which still hold interest; travel, art, business, health, crime.
Headlines such as "Mayors commit to bring marriage equality to cities" and "Milestone in Massachusetts: Trans rights bill signed" captivate the reader, the reader who would be genuinely interested in this cause, as it may hold their future happiness in it's hands.

Also on the Advocate website, there are many articles under the section simply titled "Women."
Celebrity talk show host Ellen DeGeneres features, as does the subject of the Miss USA Pageant.
In 2009, just after the passing of Proposition 8, Californians were horrified to find that their representative at the time, Carrie Prejean, did not support equality at all. However, now in 2012, just three years later there are two young women who fought for the title of Miss California USA; both proud lesbians.
The 2012 pageant was held on January 8 and even though Mollie Thomas, lesbian Miss Abbey West Hollywood, did not place in the competition she welcomed her opportunity and became a leading LGBT role model for young girls across the country, who feel shunned by society.

The website is full of articles like the Mollie Thomas interview that remind people of the LGBT community that this is their identity and it is important to be able to feel like you belong, and can happily be who you want to be in the face of society.
A singular identity, in this case the people of LGBT, is in support of the power and dominance of this particular group, presenting their relevance not only in America's history but more importantly: in America's future.

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