Saturday, 21 January 2012

American Identities

This is a website which contains articles that are relevant to Asian Americans. It is also a forum and message board aimed at Asian Americans where that can discussion and give opinions on issues that affect them such as the trafficking of Asian women and oppression they may face in society for example, if there is a housing bias despite them being seen as a 'model minority'. With regards to identity the article 'Use of "Asian American" Wanes' looks at this issue. The article brings up the issue that many Asian Americans do not wish to be referred to in this term but rather by their ethnicity. 'Fewer are embracing the term Asian American'. This is partly due to the fact that the term 'Asian' is too broad as there are many different countries that fit into this category.
However the article mostly argues in favour of the term 'Asian American'. This is because Asian American is unifying . "To break ethnicity down into the various subgroups works against the collective voice the greater community needs," Wong said. "When you look at our history, culture and language, there are a lot of similarities." Whilst there are several different countries of origin that are classed as Asian American, they are similar and by having a term they can unite under may make them one big minority rather than many small minorities that could lead to discrimination within their different minority groups. One member has commented on this article ' I identify with Chinese or even east Asian as opposed to Asian. I think it's because all the Asian ethnicitys' are so different. Fitting us all under one term is not doing any of our cultures justice.' People who live in a country that is different from their ethnic background will want to keep in touch with their roots as this is who they are. Even by saying Chinese American, they are stating that they are Chinese first before American.

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