Sunday, 29 January 2012

K12 on Immigration

This is a teacher’s website and provides a lot of activities for different subjects but it all focuses on U.S Immigration, so you look at Immigration through not only a historical point of view but also a mathematical and geographical point of view. This is quite interesting because a teacher could have an immigration day and still manage to focus on all aspects of the school’s curriculum and with the different sub categories a child wouldn’t get bored. This website is very useful to teachers from all schools as it has work sheets and activities that they could print out for students and it has also graded the activities and worksheets so the teacher would know if it is suitable for different year groups.

The website is really informative as you can find statistics on U.S immigration, do a lesson about Ellis Island and there is information on the lives of the new immigrants. They also do a page/ worksheet about the Statue of Liberty so students can learn the history behind the Statue and what meaning it held to many immigrants during that time. I came across this work sheet called ‘decorated bowls’ I thought this was interesting because it shows us that they want students to create a ‘salad’ bowl that represents all of the different cultures/ immigrants in America. The website also encourages the students recreate the immigration process at Ellis Island with some students acting as examiners and others pretending to be immigrants.

The only bad side about this website is that you have to sign up and pay to gain access to the worksheets and activities so I wasn’t able to have complete access to everything but nevertheless. This website is useful to any teacher who wanted to incorporate U.S immigration into the class room.

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