Sunday, 22 January 2012

American Muslim Women

The website is used to promote Muslim identity and try to build up some form of community and to try and combat the prejudices and isolation some women feel in not only their own Muslim communities but also in America. The website also has many articles some positive and negative reflecting the problems that many American Muslims still face in different parts of society like the military, other religious societies and especially the war in Iraq.
The website The American Muslim (TAM) is a positive step for Muslim women in America as they highlight and launch global movements to empower Muslim women. The website also works with The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equity (WISE) to empower Muslim women to play a greater role in their societies worldwide. The leaders who came together in New York discussed the major obstacles facing Muslim women and create strategies to address them. Furthermore, they discussed how to increase women’s religious & political leadership via faith fuelled activism, challenging local customs that impinge on women’s rights and developed effective methods to change negative perceptions about Muslim women. This website is relevant to not only Muslim women but also anyone who wants to understand some of the prejudices many Muslim woman face living in America.

The TAM group are very active as they try to gain support they have a whole page of activities people can do like sign petitions, watch programs like ‘All American- Muslim’ and read the letters and books published by the editors of the TAM organisation. The editors regularly post articles everyday which suggests that the issues of American Muslim women are an everyday struggle that many face. Also they encourage people to contact their Congress, Senators and even to email the President/ White House.

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