Thursday, 8 March 2012

Anglican Province of Christ the King

The Anglican Province of Christ the King is protestant faith group in America. It was formed in 1977 and is a body of the Anglican church. They have over 40 congregations across the country and are committed to practising a traditional form of doctrine and liturgy. Their slogan is 'Apostolic Christianity in the Anglican Tradition'. A point of upholding family values is stated on the site. Family values are an important and popular aspect across America, with many politicians stating that they stand for good family values. There is also the notion of the 'all American family'.

As it is an Anglican denomination it has its roots based in Britain. With this being the case, the faith group had organised an Anglican Heritage tour of England and Scotland last year. The tour lasted 10 days and consisted of visiting sites mentioned in Ecclesiastical history of the English people (Venerable Bede, c.673-735), as well as tours around the cathedrals at York and Durham.

This faith group focuses a lot on the 1928 Book of common Prayer. Rev. Larry Shaddix has described this book as 'a tool well suited for children in the establishment of morals and as an evangelical tool for teaching adults'. this fits in line with their emphasis on upholding strong family values. It is clear that this faith group is very family orientated. Evidence for this is shown in the fact that they have annual youth summer camps and annual family summer camps. By including and having a lot of activities and events aimed at families and children, it helps to ensure the survival of the faith group for future generations, as the children will grow up with the church.

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