Thursday, 29 March 2012

Xi calls for stronger trade relationship between China and US
Here is a link to an article published in February of this year which looks into the trade relationship between the US and China, and calls from the Chinese Vice President for a stronger trade relationship between the super power that is the US, and China which is an up and coming super power. The Chinese Vice President has labelled this as "new type of relationship between major countries". These calls were made at a luncheon event that took place in Washington DC. As this was a diplomatic visit taking place in the US and not in neutral territory, the Chinese would be likely to say statements that are aimed at pleasing and appealing to an US audience. What is needed is a stronger trade and military relationship in particular between these two countries.

The article mentions that ' relations between the two sides have been fraught with tension over trade and economic issues -- as well as diplomatic and military issues'. A range of aspects in the Chinese - American relationship are being highlighted in the article and how these have been over the years as well as the current situation between the two countries. Further in the article, future opportunities have been pointed out "the United States and China have a tremendous opportunity to build stronger economies and improve the lives of people around the world". This quote taken from the article was made by Muhtar Kent, chief executive of Coca-Cola Co. and chairman of the US-China Business Council. Two major world powers can create more of a positive impact in the world if they work together and combine their power, than they would separately.

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