Sunday, 11 March 2012

Religon And Identity: Mormons.

The religious group I chose to look at was the Mormons. The Mormon religion is a denomination of Christianity, they believe in Jesus and God, but also have the ‘Mormon book’ which is described on the website as a Holy Scripture, with form and content similar to that of the bible. From their website it is clear to see that religion is a central part of a Mormon’s identity as it is the most important part of their life. Faith controls their live it seems completely, through being told how to live. Mormons believe that there are different levels of kingdom in the afterlife, and depending on their level of commitment to the religion and how they act will determine which level they will end up on. They also believe that any human can become a god in the present life, through equal commitment and hard work. This shows how Mormonism rules over their lives, for a Mormon religion is highly important as it chooses your status and what kind of life you will have after you are dead, which is highly important to a Mormon.
Community and family values is another central part of their lives, and this can be seen on the website through ‘chat to a Mormon’, ‘Meet Mormon’s’, and various searches to find Mormon churches and communities near you. This shows that religion is such a central part of their identity as Mormons find it important to find other people of their faith, as it what connects them and it is them who they want to converse with. On the website there is also a lot of focus on families claiming that ‘The family is central to God’s Plan’. The family aspect is important as it shows that Mormons find it important to pass on the teachings to their children, to teach them the correct way of living, denying their children the freedom of choice. This represents religion coming before any other American value like their freedom of choice, showing its importance to their American Identity.

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