Friday, 30 March 2012

China and the US: A Unique Relationship

China is one of the oldest civilizations with the biggest population, and the United States, one of the youngest civilizations with one of the strongest economies. It is significant not only for the two nations but also for the future of the whole world for them to get along. The article considers the similarities and differences that these two strong nations seem to have giving a good view as two why they sometimes do and don’t get along.

The factors influencing the China-US relationship include economic, political, social and cultural elements. Undoubtedly, among them the economic factor is the most important one. Economic interests are at the heart of China-US relations. In 2001, trade volume between the two nations hit US$80,400 million, 8.1 percent higher than the previous year. Tempted by the colossal Chinese market, the US has become China’s biggest investor with an investment of US$4,858 million in 2001 and an accumulated investment of US$35,548 million. Since many American companies who have invested in China are multinational corporations, any fluctuations in China-US economic relations may affect the global trading and financial system, and may in turn exert
influences on the two countries’ political and diplomatic decisions.

Interestingly, China and the US have common interests. The White House needs China’s assistance and influence to handle North Korea and non-proliferation issues. America also needs China’s cooperation in fighting terrorism. However, Foreign policy is one of the reasons for misunderstandings and difficulties between the two nations. Both sides should realize the necessity to further understanding and respect for each other’s cultures, which, unfortunately, often has been neglected.

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