Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sexual Identity- Gay Marriage Attacked

This video commercial was made by Nation for Marriage and is about Gay couples wanting Gay marriages and it argues against this. However, it should be noted that whoever posted the video is for gay marriage as they title the video ‘Gay Marriage Attacked in Retarded New Commercial’. They focus and portray the views of ordinary people like doctors, parents and priests. By doing this they try to make the watcher believe that these are the thoughts of everyone. The organisation refers Gay Marriage as a terrifying storm that has the power to change and cause damage. The storm or Gay Marriage is something that people should fear which is reinforced by one of the actors saying that she is afraid for the
future. The commercial says that everyday people’s freedom will be taken away, people will have to choose between their religious beliefs and their professions, churches will have to change or suffer the consequences from the government if they don’t accommodate same sex marriages.

They put forward the case that same sex marriages is not okay and the commercial tries to play at people emotions buy acting out a defenseless parent who has to allow her child to be taught that gay marriage is okay. The commercial tries to portray people who oppose same sex marriage as being helpless and that
there is nothing they can do unless they support ‘Nation for Marriage’ as they will give them their voice. They say they do what they do to protect the sanctity of Marriage and that without peoples support if Gay Marriage is allowed then it will ultimately ruin it.

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