Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The military sucks - women and homosexuals destroying U.S. superpower st...

This video argues that homosexuals should not be allowed in the military. It also states that women should also not be allowed in the military. The reason for being against homosexuals in the military is due to seeing them as feminine and that the military is a place for so called 'real' men, as it takes a man to protect their country and women. This video clip is a homemade piece of propaganda based on no factual evidence, claiming that 'homosexuals make the military weaker'. Where is the evidence for this? Surely homosexuals in the military would add to their numbers and give them more strength, as they need all the military members they can get, especially at a time of war which America has currently been involved in since 2001.

It should be noted that this video was uploaded in 2009 a time when the policy of 'Don't ask, Don't tell' was still in practice. It is likely that this video was made in response to support for dropping this policy. However this policy still technically allowed for homosexuals to be in the military, just not officially. A comment posted on this video a year ago states 'now we have homosexuals openly serving expect an even weaker military now'. Some how it seems that if a person is open about their sexuality it makes them weaker yet if that same person is quiet about their sexual preferences they are just as capable as a heterosexual male in the military. It is only when they are open do they suddenly become incapable of fighting. This is probably due to homosexuals being seen as 'feminine' as another strong message this video is trying to portray is that women also make the military weaker. As what stereotypes would have us see, the similarity between women and homosexuals is that they are both feminine, which is supposedly a weak characteristic, hence why it would 'supposedly' make the military 'weaker'.

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