Friday, 3 February 2012

Anti+ Pro Latino Immigration

Anti Latino Immigration
Federation for American Immigration Reform

The website provides data from 1961-1996 to show how many illegal immigrants were apprehended. The membership organisation is a national, non-profit, public-interest, who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest. They seek to improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest—more traditional rates of about 300,000 a year. This is an anti- Latino Immigration website and I found an article that they have published on their website called ‘US Mexico Illegal Immigration Border Fence & Border Patrol’. The article states that the main problem with illegal immigration is that the border fence and patrol operations are unsubstantial as it is allowing ‘more than one million Mexicans annually.’ The F.A.I.R organisation article mentions the ‘voluntary departure’ where it critically highlights the U.S government’s weakness. The website highlights their Goals, Objectives, what they Advocate and also they have laid out ‘Seven Principles if True Comprehensive Immigration Reform’.
First Principle: Cut the Numbers
Second Principle: No Amnesty or Mass Guest-Worker Program
Third Principle: Protect Wages and Standards of Living
Fourth Principle: Major Upgrade in Interior Enforcement, Led by
Strong Employers Penalties
Fifth Principle: Stop Special Interest Asylum Abuse
Sixth Principle: Immigration Time Out
Seventh Principle: Equal Under the Law
Pro Latino Immigration
We Are America-

The small group say that they ‘raise the voice of immigrants in the national dialogue around our country’s broken immigration system. We lift up the personal stories of immigrants across America to put real people and communities back into national discussion on immigration policy’. The group does have a video of a young immigrant’s story, which tries to win over the watchers emotions as the immigrant shares its concerns. They also have written stories from people who face deportation. The website almost has a homely kind of feel to it, as they encourage people who have compelling stories about immigration to tell their story. Also the website relies on ‘the word of mouth’ as they want people to tell friends and family of the website and also the stories in hope o build awareness to their cause.
‘Share these stories with your friends and family at the dinner table, at work, or at local community meeting… or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When people use hateful language to talk about immigrants you can send them links to some personal stories from this site, and figure out other ways to use the power of personal testimony to change the discussion among your fellow Americans.’

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