Thursday, 2 February 2012

Week 3 - Hispanic/Latino immigration

This is the website for the Americas Society and is pro Hispanic and Latino immigration. They focus on the social and economic benefits that are gained by immigration. This group supports the integration of Hispanics and Latinos into the society of local communities. Research that the Americas Society has carried out in 2007 has found that the best place for integration is in: Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Omaha, Nebraska; and Portland, Oregon. However they do not give specific reasons for why this other than state that the society has held public and private meetings to help further integration. Why they may not focus on helping immigrants to immigrate they do provide help for existing immigrants to assimilate into their local communities.
This is the site for the Conservative Caucus who are anti-immigration. They make petitions to fight against laws and reforms that may help and favour immigrants and immigration. They currently have a petition to stop illegal immigration. This is a bulletin that they have on their site; '200 Million Immigrants in 20
Years:The Bush/Senate/Democrat Immigration Plan Must be
The website presents many facts. For example, they say that 600,000 illegal immigrants that have been ordered to be deported are still living in the US. There is a particular strong feeling to stop social security to illegal immigrants as this is costing money for taxpayers and the US economy. An example given is that legal immigrants go back to live in Mexico and get illegal immigrants living in the US to claim of their social security number.

I find the anti immigration site to be more successful in presenting their message. This is because they have presented many facts to back up their statements which fight for their cause. The pro immigration site is very basic. They make statements but have not put relevant supporting facts to support their statements, but do give links to further relevant articles. Also on the anti-immigration site there is more of group feeling to it as they have a page where people can make donations to their cause, thus getting more people involved.

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