Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Apache Native American Tribe

The Mahalo Website has many sub categories, as it starts off with the historical background and where the Apache Indians were originally located in America. Also in the historical section it comments on some of the nations the tribe fought and when they were actually defeated and driven from their land, 1886. Lastly it then mentions which reservations they resided to.

This website provides good examples of what an Apache Tribe is like as they show a video preview of The Sunrise Dance. This video is very educational and is part of a documentary as it shows the remaining Apaches on the reservation. The video does reflect on some of the economic problems the tribe currently face, and goes into much depth about their culture. It shows that they still indulge in much of their culture and it means a lot to them as they still practice it.

The other subcategories are, key figures that where in the Tribe like Geronimo and Cochise, the small paragraph goes into a little bit of detail on their lives, why they are key figures and what they did for their tribe. There is also an Apache Tribe Timeline from 1867- 1909 highlighting significant dates that changed the tribe, examples include when peace treaties where signed to
when important Apache chief leaders such as Geronimo died.

The website doesn’t go into much detail on the current situation of the people on the reservation and even though they do provide historical details on the Apaches, the website could have gone into more detail. Detail about how the Apache Tribe was perceived by other Native Tribes. Other websites found comment a lot more on what the word ‘Apache’ means. What they would get up to, for example some websites say that they were ‘the first Native American tribes that learned to ride horses, and it is thought that they learned this from Pueblo Indian prisoners since the Pueblos were the first.’

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