Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This picture shows people recognising and remembering the roughly 500 people that die each year attempting to cross the border.

The Border Network for Human Rights is an organisation dedicated to promoting equality for marginalised communities such as Hispanic immigrants that have crossed the border. The BNHR attempt to solve issues, such as unauthorised immigrants, by communicating with local authorities and pushing for new legislation such as the DREAM act.
Defend Colorado Now on the other hand is against illegal immigration as it believes it causes many problems. This website itself does not give any impression of friendliness and looks very curt. It has articles on the ‘True costs of Immigration’ etc which emphasis their belief that immigrants who are not here legally should not receive any state benefits. They believe that anybody in America who has not entered through the correct pathways should be removed.

The two sites could not look or feel more different. BNHR is warm and seems very professional with news banners and blog sites inducing a feel of the community. Defend Colorado Now however is not at all welcoming and attempts to make its point through the use of long articles
which aggressively put their points across.

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