Sunday, 5 February 2012

Latino Immigration: For & Agaisnt

Someone who has recently become infamous for his "anti-immigrant" attitude, is Mitt Romney, and then of course, his opposition Newt Gingrich.
Although this is on a news reporting wesbite, it's just the video I want to view.

Mitt Romney is an American politician, and is now a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nominations.
Mitt Romney has explained his views in a way that has been understood that he will make Immigrants lives so unbearable, that they will choose to self deport. Yes, he will give legal immigrants work permits for 11 months, but illegal immigrants will not. Romney's hope is that when the 11 month work permit runs out, immigrant Latinos will consider their lives dependant on their work, and if they can't work in the USA, they will return to where they came from; thus sieving all immigrants out of American, particularly Latino/Hispanics because in 2000 it was seen by the US Census Bureau that 35.3 million people in America were Latino/Hispanic. This figure is projected as 102.6 million in the year 2050.

Newt Gingrich, has dubbed Romney "the most anti-immigrant candidate" out of all four contenders for the Republican nominations. That is quite a sweeping statement to make, in a Hispanic heavy Florida.

It is unclear to how Gingrich feels on the tender topic of immigrants in America, but to take up such a stand and pick out a fatal flaw in Romney's campaign would paint him in a slightly more pro-immigrant light.
However, Gingrich is probably just being clever and using Romney's unfortunate circumstances to bring him (Gingrich) the heavy Hispanic vote.
Whilst in Florida however, Gingrich ran a spanish advert, claming his dedication to the Hispanic community.

Eva Longoria (Actress) has also taken a stand against Romney's campaign.
"85% of Latino Voters support the #DREAM act, 100% of Romney doesn't!"

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