Thursday, 9 February 2012

Veterans Of Foreign Wars. (American Identites)

In most societies and nations the fact that one served in his or her nation's armed forces especially during times of war is seen as a hallmark of one's good citizenship, patriotism, selflessness, and bravery. To serve in the Armed Forces is to give up one's livelihood and business opportunities for a prolonged period or even lifetime (Indeed as the old song goes "Your digging a ditch, you'll never get rich, you're in the Army now!") and in exchange for the loss of these privileges men and women take up the mantle of a strict lifestyle with the prospect of being sent abroad to fight the wars of it's nation. Their only reward for this is often a paltry sum and medal, it is therefore obvious why veterans feel that they deserve respect and added benefits in their post-service lives. Sadly Veterans (or 'Vets') did not always get treated like the heroes they were; in 1899 after the end of the Spanish-American war veterans returned home without medical care or pensions, to amend this they set up organisations to secure these basic needs, and so began the Veterans Of Foreign Wars organisation (VFW). Over the years they have represented and fought for the rights and privileges of U.S. Veterans. The website itself talks about the history of the organisation, it's programmes and how to become a member, it also does commentaries on relevant news stories; such as fears over cuts to military spending. In terms of identity it advocates that it is important that Veterans should be proud of their service and should identify themselves as veterans by joining their local branch of VWF.

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